WP1 – Biophotonics

Biophotonics is an exciting multidisciplinary frontier tackling the mounting demand for novel biomedical strategies. This WP encloses the next generation photonics technologies for health applications with a strong impact on society from the scientific point of view to life quality improvement. The WP realizes a network of new facilities as a novel benchmark on biophotonics involving a dynamic interaction with industrial and public sector stakeholders. The activities cover a variety of biophotonics applications, from the realization of high selectivity nanostructured sensors for early diagnosis purposes, to the development of new high-resolution spectroscopy and tomography workstations spanning from in-vitro cellular studies to in-vivo non-invasive analyses. The target is to realize a facility acting as a pillar for applications and fundamental science. This WP permits in long term the realization of novel non-invasive analyses and research tools able to revolutionize the current biomedical practices.

Workpackage Leader: Alessia Irrera