WP2 – Multiscale, multidimensional spectroscopy

This workpackage aims to develop a distributed infrastructure for multi-scale, multidimensional time-resolved optical spectroscopy, with a worldwide unique combination of experimental capabilities, such as temporal resolution, sensitivity, temporal and spectral coverage, and spatio-temporal resolution. This infrastructure will offer unmatched flexibility in tackling fundamental scientific or technological problems, by enabling their study with different, complementary experimental techniques available at the same or at different operating units. The developed workstations will mostly be based on the transient absorption technique and its different implementations. All the workstations will enable the use of either solid (with vacuum chambers if needed) or liquid (with flow-cells or wire-guided jets) samples and cryostats with temperature down to 4 K. The workstations developed will have the following characteristics: ultrabroad wavelength tunability; broadband detection; high sensitivity; high temporal resolution down to 10 femtoseconds; temporal coverage from femtoseconds to microseconds; excitation frequency resolution; spatial resolution down to 250 nm; frequency accuracy.

Workpackage Leader: Giulio Cerullo