WP3 – Extreme Photonics

The aim of the Extreme Photonics working package is to deliver a full range of beamlines and instrumentation to enable user access for the investigation and control of properties of matter in gas, solids, biological systems and materials in extreme conditions. The project focuses mainly on the use of intense ultrashort laser pulse for applications in attosecond physics, particle acceleration and generation of X-rays and on the development of ultra-stable radiation sources with a very wide emission spectrum (up to the far infrared), with application to high precision spectroscopy.
The Extreme Photonics workpackage comprises nine activities:
3.1 Optics for ultraintense and ultrashort beams
3.2 Femtosecond and XUV beamlines for advanced spectroscopy
3.3 Attosecond soft-x molecular spectroscopy
3.4 Novel frequency combs for broadband spectroscopy
3.5 High intensity, extreme laser beamlines
3.6 Ultrafast radiation beamlines
3.7 Miniaturized Frequency-comb sources
3.8 Structural dynamics at extreme pressure
3.9 Phase-contrast radio-tomographic X-ray system

Workpackage Leader: Leonida A. Gizzi