WP4 – Quantum Sensing and Enhanced Precision Measurements

Our goal is to develop a network of facilities based on state-of-the-art solid-state and atomic quantum technologies for sensing and enhanced precision measurements.
We will develop six different facilities devoted to:
• Generation of photonic quantum states, their use as quantum sources and their characterization with ultra-sensitive multi-single photon detectors
• Measurement of tiny DC and AC magnetic fields, and temperature variations at the nanoscale, based on quantum diamond devices
• Atom interferometry and optical clocks beyond the Standard Quantum Limit using squeezed atomic states produced in a high-finesse optical cavity
• Levitated optomechanical sensors based on optical tweezers allowing fast manipulation of the optical potential and of the optomechanical coupling
• Characterization and exploitation of non-classical light in the mid-IR and THz spectral regions for quantum sensing and communication
• Quantum-light-enhanced ultrafast spectroscopy for measuring properties of complex molecules, and imaging of soft/hard matter

Workpackage Leader: Nicole Fabbri