WP5 – Quantum information processing and communication

Quantum states of light and matter will revolutionize the way we deal with information, from its transmission to its processing. Intrinsically-secure quantum communications are becoming a solid reality, and the use of quantum resources holds promise of unparalleled computing power and the possibility to efficiently simulate complex phenomena. One can envision a future when arrays of quantum computers, simulators, sensors, institutional and industrial data centers, and individual end-users are all connected by a network where optical quantum information is exchanged.
This WP brings this future closer by providing a complete set of development tools for all its components. From the generation and the engineering of the nonclassical optical states that convey quantum information, to their manipulation in nanophotonics devices, their characterization by advanced diagnostic tools and novel detectors, to their use in communication protocols. Quantum simulators will be realized with cold atoms and molecules, while quantum interfaces will be developed to efficiently connect the optical quantum states to such different physical platforms.

Workpackage Leader: Marco Bellini