WP6 – Green Photonics

The goal of this workpackage is developing unconventional advanced optical and photonic techniques and materials for application in sustainable green technologies. The workpackage will tackle different aspects of the green photonics from the development of innovative gas sensing spectroscopy to energy production, savaging and storage systems, along with systems for the detection of microplastic and waste management and optical wireless communication. Unconventional sensing spectroscopy techniques for the gas detection in porous scattering media and Ultra-sensitive laser facility for trace-gas monitoring will be installed. A Platform for multiscale hyperspectral imaging VIS-IR spectral range will be set up. Two facilities dedicated to solar cell manufacturing and solar cell/module testing, both indoor and outdoor, and to high resolution characterization of photovoltaic devices will be developed. Advanced technologies & Devices for energy saving and low-impact hybrid harvesting, and communication systems will be developed. A Pilot-line facility for electro-optic & photonic devices will be installed.

Workpackage Leader: Aurora Rizzo