WP7 – Training

Beyond in-house research at the Facilities (WP1-WP6), PhD students enrolled in the I-PHOQS Network are trained through joint network activities designed to enhance and enrich standard PhD programs, in line with what proposed in Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (MSCA-ITN).
Whenever feasible, the organized training activities are open to young researchers outside the I-PHOQS Network. That increases the contacts and networking opportunities for the enrolled PhD students, extend the benefits at the level of the national research system, and open the Network to new collaborations and wider access.
A7.1 – Recruitment of PhD students
A7.2 – Secondments at I-PHOQS and external laboratories
A7.3 – Laboratory Training Platforms (2-3 days dedicated to theoretical introduction and hands-on practice on a specific technique)
A7.4-A7.6 – I-PHOQS Weeks (Summer Schools) on Photonics, Quantum Science, and Applications.
A7.7 – I-PHOQS Lectures (single seminars or short courses) on topics of special interest.
A7.8 – Specific activities to improve soft and complementary skills.

Workpackage Leader: Paola Taroni