WP8 – Dissemination and Outreach

This workpackage covers all aspects of I-PHOQS external communication. The overall objectives are: to present the entire I-PHOQS offering as a single platform integrating complementary technologies, capabilities and border services that allow the network to act and appear as a single integrated European infrastructure; promote the recognition of I-PHOQS and its results and increase general awareness of the opportunities offered by the network and communicate them to a very wide audience, from the general public to fellow scientists, to potential users in very different scientific fields and to regional public organisations, national and European; improve the dissemination of project results and promote their exploitation where possible. Therefore, the planned dissemination and awareness activities are aimed at making I-PHOQS a sustainable infrastructure that produces value for the community and encourages social, economic, cultural and technological development.

Workpackage Leader: Gabriella Zammillo