The CNR-INO-PI unit based in Pisa belongs to and is part of the European Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI). The unit brings expertise in pulsed lasers over a wide range of power and durations, established over two decades of activity in cooperation with main international laser facilities. The unit operates the Intense Laser Irradiation Laboratory (ILIL) where a Petawatt-scale, 25 femtosecond laser yielding focused intensities on target 1021 W/cm2 has been established since 2018 in the framework of the Italian network for ELI. The unit will provide user access to fully characterized beamlines of "extreme" laser light and secondary sources of radiation and particles, including in particular pulses of high energy electrons for irradiation at ultra-high dose-rate, and to advanced diagnostic and modeling resources.

 The CNR-INO-LENS unit based at the European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy (LENS) in Sesto Fiorentino  was established with financing from MUR to cover national top-level research in such common thematic areas. Since three decades LENS is a European research centre developing advanced laser and spectroscopic facilities for researchers in three main research areas: Biophotonics, Photonic Materials, Quantum Science & Technology. Specific R&D activities include quantum sensors, atom interferometers, optical and quantum communications. The unit will provide user access to a set of advanced instruments such as stable laser sources and setups for reliable ultracold gases production, high-end quantum emitters, scanning near-field optical microscopes.

The CNR-INO-FI unit based at the INO headquarters in Arcetri is part of the European Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI). The expertise of the Unit covers the most advanced fields of Optics, with activities including pure and applied research, technology transfer and training. Its role in I-Phoqs is focused to the development of advanced optical sources, in particular highly-stabilized metrological-grade sources, miniaturized optical frequency combs in the mid and far infrared regions, and infrared sources generating non-classical light. The activity within I-Phoqs also include the application of metrological-grade optical sources to high-precision spectroscopy of gas-phase molecules and molecular beams. The Unit will provide user access to the laser facilities, to setups characterization of classical and non-classical properties of infrared laser radiation, and to facilities for the production and spectroscopic investigation of molecular beams.

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