CNR-Nanotec-BN-LE, a vital component of RI Beyond Nano, boasts extensive laboratories spanning 12,000 m2, facilitating cutting-edge research across diverse scientific domains. This facility excels in biology, advanced photonics, and nanostructured materials, offering capabilities in growth, chemical synthesis, nanofabrication, and material characterization. Key infrastructures include a Photonic Facility, enabling advanced experiments in nonlinear optics, photo-physics, and quantum science. The Device Facility specializes in optical, electro-optical devices like LEDs and photovoltaic cells. Additionally, CNR-Nanotec-BN-LE hosts TecnoMED Apulia, a leading open-access research hub for Precision Medicine, featuring fully equipped laboratories for cell culture, genome editing, and biofabrication. Internationally recognized, the center collaborates extensively with universities, research bodies, and industrial companies, achieving notable scientific and industrial outcomes. This interdisciplinary powerhouse attracts European and international researchers, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and expertise



The CNR-Nanotec-BN-CS Unit, a part of the RI Beyond Nano, is active in the field of soft matter sciences and technology since the early 1980s. Currently situated on the University of Calabria campus, the unit operates as a User Facility for approximately a decade, providing advanced fabrication and investigation techniques to the scientific and industrial communities. Collaborations extend globally, involving universities and institutions of different nations. Research focuses on the physics and chemistry of soft matter, applied in nano-structured systems for advanced micro/nano-optics, photonics, plasmonics, and fluidics. The unit produces nanostructured composite materials through hybrid bottom-up/top-down processes, applied in sectors like energy harvesting, sensing platforms, and bio-medicine. Thematic laboratories at the headquarters facilitate the study of innovative materials' optical, structural, and morphological properties using state-of-the-art techniques. Recent research explores ENZ optical meta-materials, hyper-resolution optical fabrication techniques, living matter photonics, high-efficiency green photovoltaics, and opto-fluidics. Research outcomes are disseminated through technology transfer and patent activities, reflecting the unit's extensive experience.



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